About Us

Advising Leading Organizations Since 2006

Our Promise | We’ll guide you forward – honestly, independently and sustainably.

Our Obsession

The Fire In Our Belly

We love the journey as much as — if not more than — the destination. We embrace the challenges that come with growth and evolution with open arms.

Our Archetype

We’re Explorers

What we’re doing is different from the status quo — and that’s all right. We’re willing to explore new alternatives to managing organizational change.

Our Boundaries

The Line We Won’t Cross

We love taking on new challenges and growth, but only when it’s the right thing for us as an organization and when we can deliver what we promise.

Our Legacy

Finding A Better Way

Organizational changes can be difficult. We believe we’ve found a better way to manage that process and empower our clients.

We think people care about connecting with us on a real level, so we went through the process of creating offerings that appeal to the types of organizations we’d like to work with:


Those who’ve been burned by change or past consulting work


Organizations with difficult, messy projects


Risk-takers and outliers


Those who want a true partner relationship, rather than just validation of their own views


Internal change agents whose careers may rest on the outcome of our work

Our framework was conceived with all of this in mind. It’s a future-ready message for the HR market, and we’re ready to run with it and lead the charge. We hope you’ll join us.