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Building a Sustainable Business Case for Change

Often the starting point for any initiative, IA applies a forensic approach to capturing the functional, operational, financial, technical, legal, and regulatory impacts to any HR transformational initiative. With Fortune 1000-ready tools and a seasoned team of professionals, we will help you secure both the fiscal and opportunity cost necessary to proceed. Scroll down to learn how IA’s 100% business case approval rate can help your organization build consensus and confidence.

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Our Proven Approach

It’s no coincidence that our success rate is unmatched in the market. IA’s methodology has been tested and refined in support of some of the most complex HR transformations in the world. Although simple in approach, the resulting findings are anything but. Let’s dig in….

Step 1: Set a destination

Ask of all core stakeholders:

  • “What does success look like and how will it be measured?”
  • “What scares you about this initiative?”

Step 2: Top-down discovery

Gather the following from your executive sponsors and peers:

  • The organization-wide strategic plan
  • Copies of previously approved business cases
  • CapEx/OpEx treatment and rules
  • Defined budgetary cycles

Step 3: Align to your DNA

Clearly define your focus and purpose, including:

  • Mission, vision and values
  • Roles as Strategist, Steward and/or Service Provider
  • Guiding principles
  • Enablers of success

Step 4: From the ground up

Ready your team:

  • Identify key project resources
  • Lock down a conference room with whiteboards
  • Bring markers, caffeine and snacks
  • Prepare for long working sessions

Step 5: Deep discovery

Itemize the current state, including:

  • All pertinent artifacts
  • Current demographics/metrics
  • Infrastructure, standards and enabling vendors
  • Literally everything that is drawn or documented

Step 6: Draw a high-level picture

Prioritize your opportunities:

  • What is broken?
  • What is stable?
  • What are the pros/cons of unification vs. isolation?
  • How does everything connect?

Step 7: Process map everything

The source of significant ROI, this exercise:

  • Unearths hidden costs
  • Offers permission for immediate process/policy change
  • Drives team inclusion and empowerment
  • Creates an unbiased image of the current state

Step 8: Drive broad inclusion

Leveraging the9Lenses-Logo_large survey instrument, gather:

  • Quantitative data to prioritize your needs
  • Qualitative metrics to substantiate the impact
  • Output that represents all voices in the organization

Step 9: Run the numbers

Build an accurate financial picture:

  • Leverage all discovery to date
  • Apply growth/reduction projections in a multi-year model
  • Be conservative by minimizing assumptions
  • Focus on hard dollars

Step 10: Present for approval

Present to the Board/C-Suite for approval:

  • A one-page “placemat” for ease of consumption
  • All supporting materials available, as needed
  • Permission to proceed to provider selection
  • Acknowledgement of intent to iterate post-selection

The Results Were Amazing

When IA was asked to help HR shift away from “manage by exception” and “the constant fire drill of escalation” for this high-tech Fortune 500 firm, we hit the ground running. By leveraging our proven tools and the practical experience born of a team that has walked the halls of some of the most complex employers in the world, we quickly assessed and prioritized the opportunity at hand. In moving from conjecture and fear to defensible, data-driven outcomes, we helped this Best Place to Work get off their heels and on to truly transformative work.
More client praise
  • Increase In Employee Satisfaction 67%
  • Shift to Online Transactions 72%
  • Reduction in HR Interventions 82%
  • Overall Project Satisfaction 100%

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