Navigating Change

If you require an unbiased assessment of your current state, need help articulating and creating the necessary impetus for change or are unclear about the direction of your HR organization, IA can help.

Operational Assessment

HR operational assessment is a systematic process for obtaining accurate information about the performance of an organization and the factors that affect performance – the age-old monikers of people, processes and technology.  It is conducted in order to document areas of competence, areas for improvement, possible risks and to help support investment and restructuring decisions. As an HR leader, if you are asking or being asked the question, “How are we doing?”, a thorough operational assessment can provide the answer.

Done properly, it will tell you how you are doing, what you are doing well and why you are not meeting your intended goals. Just as good practice dictates that you review the performance of your employees on a regular basis, operational assessments should be part of a regular internal feedback process.  Although many organizations have developed an internal operational assessment capability, resource availability and other constraints may warrant the use of external help. IA can bring objectivity, technical know-how and a tested methodology to help organizations complete this effort and provide the information needed to support critical strategic, financial, program and staffing decisions.

HR Roadmap Development

Often following the completion of an operational assessment, roadmap development clearly defines the “to be” state and memorializes possible scenarios for the future HR service delivery environment. This is accomplished by integrating the different functional domains inclusive of organization, governance, services, processes, people and technology. IA also defines desired requirements to accelerate attainment of both near and long-term objectives.

IA will typically develop and present up to four detailed service delivery scenarios across the defined functional domains to include: governance, service and process framework, technology and data models, pros and cons of each scenario and fit-gap between the “as is” and “to be” state per scenario. In order to fully support and inform the roadmap, proposed scenarios will typically include both an extension of current foundational solutions as well as the selection and deployment of net-new offerings.

Business Case Development

Many organizations have a clear and concise understanding of their desired future state yet may struggle with the creation, socialization and approval of a strong and defensible business case. IA addresses the common catalysts for a human capital business case – 1) a known opportunity or need driven by either a mandatory requirement, a problem that needs correcting and/or a business opportunity for improvement; or, 2) known solutions with unclear applications.

Our business case development services avoid the common mistakes that plague unread (and rarely approved) manifestos and instead focus on six essential elements for making a business case to the C-suite or board. With well documented alternatives and a clear, concise and strong voice for change, we’re confident you can attain approval on even the most complex and daunting HR initiatives.

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