Executing Change

Successful execution begins well before the contractual ink has dried. IA provides the necessary planning and project oversight to swiftly move from ideation to realization. And should your service provider relationships begin to falter, IA is there to help get things back on course.

Relationship Management and Governance

IA supports the design, development and deployment of a strong and well-defined relationship management and governance structure between you and your most trusted HR service provider partners. In doing so, one must plan for the absolute certainty of change.

The degree of anticipated change often correlates to both the length and depth of the contractual award. Both parties will likely experience turnover among key personnel, evolutions in their respective strategic directions, financial and operational pressures and unanticipated usability and connectivity demands. Our decades of experience ensure that we can thoughtfully anticipate and plan for those issues that often inhibit progress and foster divisiveness, thereby shifting focus toward mutually beneficial outcomes.

Project Oversight

It is often helpful to have an external perspective and independent support throughout all phases of a new solution implementation. As your project oversight partner, IA will identify opportunities for the successful execution and acceleration of project deliverables and rapidly offer solutions to any challenges that may arise. IA finds that client requirements for this service vary widely based upon service provider knowledge of your organization and the proposed implementation plan and timelines.

From the point at which you may be running parallel systems through go-live and system stabilization, IA also assists organizations in monitoring critical components, including the incumbent team (whether internal of external), the new provider implementation and operations teams, the migration of relevant transactional and archived data, and the impact to your organization’s new hire, active and retiree populations.

Remediation Services

Once the seed of discontent has been planted – regardless of blame – it tends to take hold and rapidly grow in size, scope and complexity. Although many organizations attempt to thoughtfully remediate via escalation or arbitration, the insertion of an independent and unbiased third-party is often a catalyst for positive change.

IA offers remediation services with the explicit goal of attaining mutually agreeable resolution within a highly confidential and protected environment. Our deep HR domain knowledge and broad industry experience allow for both the forensic examination of the root cause and the rapid deployment of solutions that bring all parties into alignment.

In those unfortunate instances where the relationship cannot be resuscitated, IA will ensure that a transition support plan is in place so that clients may thoughtfully migrate to either an interim or permanent solution that clearly aligns with organizational goals and objectives.

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