HR Provider Selection

Service provider selection is one of the most critical and complex decisions required of an HR organization. IA has highly skilled and knowledgeable advisors who can efficiently and expertly guide you through this important process.

Full Service Provider Selection

IA is passionate about service provider selection. We have a unique focus on helping our clients deploy market-leading offerings with an emphasis on rapid knowledge transfer and self-sustainability. Our selection advisors represent some of the leading voices in the HR industry and pride themselves on their recognition of not only what is possible, but also what is probable. We maintain a strong network of relationships to ensure that our knowledge base is current, our collaboration with the industry strong, and our processes efficient.

IA deploys a multi-phased approach to all selection activities, including:

  • Phase 1: Internal Readiness and RFP Creation – This critical step includes the assembly of all internal stakeholders, agreement on organizational needs and requirements and the detailed preparation of a request for proposal (RFP) and all associated materials. IA also encourages service provider briefings during this phase to ensure that clients and providers can assess cultural, functional and operational fit prior to the RFP release.
  • Phase 2: RFP Release and Bidder Relationship Management – IA offers full RFP lifecycle management as a means of ensuring that all communication and submission processes are clear, concise, burden-free, timely, fully defensible and beyond reproach. Our collaboration with internal stakeholder groups such as finance, information technology and procurement provide assurance that their unique needs are appropriately met by the service provider community. Clients and providers alike will attest to the valuable guidance and triage our advisors offer during the formal submission process.
  • Phase 3: Response Evaluation and Selection – IA works with each of its clients to define uniquely applicable quantitative and qualitative criteria for RFP scoring and evaluation. You can rest assured that IA’s advisors consume every page of submitted material and clearly weigh and document the pros and cons of proposed solutions and approaches. Moreover, IA will manage (if so desired) all reference calls and perform full and detailed financial analysis on all respondents. The end goal is the selection of highly qualified and appropriately matched providers for finalist presentation.
  • Phase 4: Site Visits, Award and Contract Negotiation – Although some consider this the most tiring portion of the selection process, IA provides full site visit and finalist presentation management to focus the conversation toward those items most valuable in attaining a clear and concise victor. Once a preferred provider has been identified, IA assists our clients with instantiating all the agreed-upon functional and financial terms into a final negotiated agreement between the parties.

Throughout this process, IA views its role as one of facilitating commerce and connectivity between our clientele and the service providers who support them. Our emphasis on candor, transparency and fit not only increases the likelihood of success, but it also ensures that an enduring and supportive relationship is established from day one.

Provider Selection Support

For those organizations with mature and highly robust internal processes, IA offers targeted selection support services. Ranging from single or multi-phased engagements to external validation services, IA advisors are called upon to supplement existing procurement, shared services and/or HR leaders with our extensive market knowledge and selection expertise.

With self-sustainability as a core tenet, IA also offers customized workshops to educate organizations on the current state of the HR service provider community and selection best practices. Ranging from half-day to multi-day sessions, IA workshops allow our clients to gain extensive market knowledge in a highly focused and efficient format.

Relationship Review

For organizations who are in the midst of an existing service provider relationship, IA offers an in-flight relationship review and market assessment. Often sought by those who intend to extend the term of an existing relationship without bringing a RFP to market, IA will review the current functional, operational, technical and financial arrangement between the parties to ensure market parity and identify opportunities for mutually beneficial improvement.

Mistakenly positioned by some as a “price checking” service, IA has found that purely financial benchmarking without contextually relevant change management and governance can result in an unsustainable outcome for both parties. Our best practice approach marries our clients’ desired or required outcomes to service provider elasticity with an emphasis on attaining a highly tenable solution for all involved.

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