Change with Confidence

Advising leading organizations since 2006.

Why We’re Different

No nonsense HR value add.

An Innovative Approach

With a high level of focus on efficiency, continuous improvement and knowledge transfer, we pride ourselves on destroying the notion of a codependent consulting relationship.

Timely Support

We come to the table with proven approaches, deep domain expertise and a high sensitivity to our client’s time. Speed and agility are our (hyphenated) middle names.

Advanced Technology

Our technology enables a higher level of engagement, transparency and geographic support, all resulting in lower costs and better outcomes for our clients.

Clear Communication

We exist to facilitate sustainable outcomes for our clients, period. With no hidden agendas or conflicts of interest, we quickly establish a level of trust that allows for open and candid dialogue.

Our History

Eight years. Dozens of resources. Hundreds of clients.

Inflexion Advisors is founded in Washington, DC by Mark Stelzner, with “inflexion” referring to the mathematical point of curvature or concavity from minus to plus. The journey begins.

The non-profit entity JobAngels is started and supported by Inflexion as a means of aiding the plight of the unemployed and underemployed. Inflexion founder Mark Stelzner is named the #1 HR Digital Influencer.

Inflexion resources present at over 30 HR conferences and events while moving headquarters from Washington, DC to San Francisco, CA.

Explosive growth begins. Inflexion launches a new website, brand identity and color palette to more clearly convey its value proposition to HR leaders.

Inflexion finally acknowledges that our URL is too long, our email addresses too cumbersome and that “in-flex-ee-on” sounds a little too much like inflexible. Thus, IA is (re)born. With wonderful clients, an amazing team and an ever-expanding set of services, the journey continues!

We want to hear your story.

We’re not here to sell you a service, we’re here to offer value. If you’d like to schedule a briefing with one of our HR experts, please don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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