Giving Back

IA encourages its team members to actively give of themselves as a means of providing assistance to those in need. We’re proud of our advisors for their personal support of organizations including OAR, the United Way, the ASPCA, the Wounded Warrior Project and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Beyond these important charitable initiatives, IA personnel also lend their time, energy and professional experience to a critical non-profit initiative, JobAngels.

Hiring for Hope (JobAngels)

jobangel_logoOn January 29, 2009, IA founder Mark Stelzner was frustrated by the state of the economy and pondered how he could make a difference in the lives of millions of underemployed and unemployed workers. With a single message on Twitter, Mark asked what would happen if each of us simply helped one person find a job. The world responded and JobAngels was born.

Both traditional and new media embraced this pay-it-forward mission immediately with JobAngels featured on hundreds of television stations, in dozens of tier one newspapers and magazines, on thousands of blogs and podcasts and in many live conferences and events.

JobAngels rapidly grew to a network of over 40,000 active participants in 20+ countries. Participants sent millions of messages of encouragement, job postings, networking and feedback. As a result of these efforts, nearly 2,000 people found gainful employment through association with JobAngels. This vibrant ecosystem of hope was succeeding, yet there was so much more to be done.

To support a continued and expanded mission, JobAngels merged with the nationally recognized 501(c)3 Hiring for Hope in early 2011. We are proud to be associated with an organization that rewards the power of individual action, emphasizes self-sustainability and encourages mentorship. IA continues to support this mission and encourages you to help someone in need by joining the movement today.