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As an extension of your project management office, IA ensures that the outcomes codified in the business case (and the promises made by the service providers) come to life. Aligned exclusively to our employer client’s needs, our only vested interest is in you, your employees, retirees and contingent workers. With a strong emphasis on change management, communications, service delivery and operational readiness, IA breaks down barriers while building excitement, confidence and cohesion among internal and external stakeholders.

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The design, development and deployment of a strong, well-defined and sustainable solution between you and your selected HR service provider can be challenging. In doing so, one must plan for the certainty of change. Both parties may experience turnover among key personnel, evolutions in their respective strategic directions, financial and operational pressures and unanticipated usability and connectivity demands. When combined with the time commitments required of your “day job”, external assistance is often a necessity.

As your project oversight partner, IA will identify opportunities for the successful execution and acceleration of project deliverables and rapidly offer solutions to any challenges that may arise. In addition, we remain current and knowledgeable of factors that influence the provider market and can ensure that the interpretation of new trends or strategic business changes are appropriately considered throughout solution implementation. From the point at which you may be running parallel systems through go-live and system stabilization, IA also assists organizations in monitoring critical components. This includes the incumbent team (whether internal or external), the new provider implementation and operations teams, the migration of relevant transactional and archived data, and the impact to your active and retiree populations.

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