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The Carnival of HR – Pick A Prize

Pulling at the arm of my jacket, my friends futilely attempted to drag me away. "C'mon Mark!", they implored, frustration palpable as I placed yet another quarter on the rough wooden plank that served as both armrest and launching point for my arch rival, the ping...

On the Strategist, the Steward and the Service Provider

With our anthropomorphized phones down - their backlit faces struggling to buzz, ring and ding us into submission to their never ending quest for immediacy - we sat and greeted one another with cautious optimism. Backs straight and eyes forward, we began our...

The Amplification of Everything

  Loud drums the deafening beat of industry, each concussive pulse calling, “automate!” - “integrate!!” – “propagate!!!” – its noise oft drowning out the necessity to ideate around the inevitable amplification of all that is the employee, the manager, the...

What It Feels Like To Be An HR Buyer

Let’s suppose you’re an HR buyer. You’re experienced. You’re competent. This isn’t your first rodeo. And as much as you believe that logic and process will dictate what you buy, there are several emotional impacts that will absolutely factor into the bets you make.

The Power Of Seven Simple Questions

Although Bacon once said, “Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom“, I’ve found an increasing tendency in business to allow forceful and unstructured extroversion to loudly and clumsily persist and thrive. Unfortunately, we live in a world where noise is often...

The Best Companies To Work For: HR’s Catch-22

Each year, hundreds of organizations vie for the accolade of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, a process governed and managed by the Great Place to Work Institute. Companies with greater than 1,000 employees and at least five years of operations are qualified...