Loud drums the deafening beat of industry, each concussive pulse calling, “automate!” – “integrate!!” – “propagate!!!” – its noise oft drowning out the necessity to ideate around the inevitable amplification of all that is the employee, the manager, the organization.

The organization says, “Define your future and let us hear of that which goes beyond work. Employee, please show us yourself – the whole human – so we might more clearly understand that which drives your purpose, your passion, and the grace of your presence.” They offer brown bags and webinars, videos and coaching that suggest you ‘Own Your Career’ while herding you into an online destination that builds an implied expectation of….

… something.


So you courageously expose yourself to the masses. Place a picture. Share an aspiration. Wish for more than you have and lift your eyes up toward a distant oasis where you just might be seen, acknowledged, encouraged, developed and rewarded. You read and re-read the mission, the values, the guiding principles, echoes of “we care….”, “we care.…”, “we care….” ever so gently crumbling the protective walls of cynicism born from that last house of false promises. You allow yourself – even for a moment – to think:

Perhaps this place will be different.

You submit, you work and you wait.

The manager says, “Be omniscient in your knowledge, omnidirectional in your management of others, and omnichannel in your delivery.  Apply data and your gut. Come with fresh eyes and a decade of experience. Consume another article, a blog, a book, a podcast, a research study. Attend a conference, absorb from thought leaders, inquire of analysts, borrow from peers. Be ready because the C-suite is now the See-Suite and you want to shine in their eyes.

The message is clear, relentless and pervasive – You. Must. Do. Better.

This is the amplification of everything.