Jason is a Principal with IA, bringing over twenty-five years of experience in technology, product management, program management, analytics, recruiting, HR, and workforce planning for large multinational entities. A former Marine, Jason has a tremendous body of knowledge in technology, data, reporting, analytics, and program management. Jason is a highly respected expert in his field, and has spent his career supporting the needs of high-growth and ever-changing enterprises.

Reflections on the rebound

By Jason Carroll / Oct 19, 2022

Recently, I was asked to provide some perspective on my return to full-time at IA, as more and more employees are returning – or thinking about returning – to organizations they had previously left. Where do I begin? See, I’m not a boomerang in the traditional sense because I was still on the board of […]

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How to Tell a Powerful Story with Your People Data

By Jason Carroll / Jan 8, 2019

Here’s something you probably didn’t talk about much at holiday cocktail parties: data visualization. But it’s something I think about a LOT. For the past few months we’ve been working with a large company to gather and interpret their people data. It’s been a massive undertaking, with data sets coming from over 90 countries. We’ve […]

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Unassigned Seating at Work: A Passing Trend or Here to Stay?

By Jason Carroll / Jun 12, 2018

Hoteling. Unassigned seating. These may sound like terms you would find on a travel website, but they’re actually part of a new workplace vocabulary. You might also call your informal seating arrangement hot desking, free address or collective use. Unassigned seating means first-come, first-served. Anyone can sit anywhere they’d like. Major companies have been practicing […]

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workforce analytics mistakes

How to Avoid ‘Fake News’ in Your Workforce Analytics

By Jason Carroll / Feb 2, 2018

You’ve worked for days on a presentation for your company’s executives. They have asked for a few simple answers about the company’s people. You crunch the numbers, double-check your math, and present your findings in a PowerPoint presentation. Everything goes perfectly — with one major exception: Finance delivered a report 20 minutes before you, and […]

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