Jennifer is a Senior Advisor with IA with over twenty years of experience in human resources, talent management, and organizational development. She brings experience operating in various business cycles from growth and acquisition to reorganization, and under various ownership models including private equity, management owned, and divisions of global holding companies. She is a strong communicator with an ability to relate to all levels of an organization while leading change. Throughout her career, Jennifer has been called upon as the “go-to” resource for new projects and initiatives.

Embracing change – a personal story

By Jennifer Payne / May 25, 2022

Sometimes there comes a point in your life and career when it becomes abundantly clear that you need a change.  I suspect there are many out there who have come to that very realization.  Whether you attribute it to the “Great Resignation,” the “Great Reshuffling,” or any other version thereof, the state of the world […]

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Fostering Curiosity

By Jennifer Payne / Nov 29, 2021

I come from a family of curious people. My dad has been dubbed “The King of Useless Knowledge” by family and friends because he knows a little bit about everything.  He would have been a great phone-a-friend candidate on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. He didn’t just magically acquire all this knowledge; he’s continually […]

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Embracing the Unexpected Path – Careers at IA

Embracing the Unexpected Path

By Jennifer Payne / May 6, 2021

If you would have told me five years ago that today I’d be working for an HR advisory firm, I wouldn’t have believed you. I may have even thought you were insane; at the very least, I would have been skeptical, perhaps with a hint of side-eye. An Unlikely Path For most of my career, […]

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