Mark is the Founder and Managing Principal of IA, applying over thirty years of experience in the implementation of internal and external HR transformational initiatives for public and private sector clientele worldwide. By offering unbiased and candid advice to C-level leaders in nearly all geographies and vertical market segments, Mark has brought billions of dollars’ worth of value to his clients and employers. He has spent his career fostering relationships through attention to detail, natural curiosity, and a self-deprecating sense of humor.

The importance of community

By Mark Stelzner / Feb 28, 2023

One of the greatest gifts of my work is to spend time with a wide variety of fascinating individuals around the world. Each brings a unique perspective and I enjoy exploring solutions for the different challenges they face. In reflecting upon my meetings these past few months, there is one common theme plaguing the world […]

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Where does the time go?

By Mark Stelzner / Jan 26, 2023

As I was watching the chair lifts make their circuitous journey up and down the mountainside, I started thinking about time. It was Day 2 of our holiday ski trip, and I was relegated to the hotel room due to a wicked fall that dislocated my shoulder and had me in queue for yet another […]

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You get what you ask for

By Mark Stelzner / Dec 20, 2022

If you grew up celebrating Christmas, the creation of your wish list to Santa was an important step in your holiday tradition. Even though I was Jewish, I figured hedging my bets couldn’t hurt and started my planning long before Halloween. Dreams of toys, a bike, maybe a cool new game (but never socks!) would […]

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Gratitude is never cheesy

By Mark Stelzner / Nov 29, 2022

Every year around this time, people begin to list all the things that make them grateful. When the posts come out, you can almost hear the eyerolls as some readers dismiss yet another perfunctory Thanksgiving post. But when someone honestly and openly shares their gratitude, I embrace it. It was a tradition in my family […]

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If you want a scary story, check out HR tech

By Mark Stelzner / Oct 28, 2022

We have entered the Spooky Season, with costumes and trick-or-treat candy selections taking center stage. And while most people are trying to decide what horror movies to watch on their streaming app, I’ve been following a different kind of fright fest – HR technology. Whether it’s artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, algorithms, or employee monitoring […]

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In search of innovation

By Mark Stelzner / Sep 29, 2022

This month, the annual HR Technology Conference returned to full strength in Las Vegas. It was wonderful to see so many people in person, to walk the Expo floor, and to bring so much of the industry’s band back together. There was a striking and palpable desire to be together as an HR family, with old and […]

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Transformation IS storytelling

By Mark Stelzner / Sep 28, 2022

Note: A version of this post first appeared on in September 2022. I remember the first time I saw the movie Inception. From the initial scene of a man washed up on a beach, I was hooked. The imagery, the music, the themes, the underlying question as to whether or not Cobb was awake […]

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Transformation and the art of stakeholder management

By Mark Stelzner / Jun 30, 2022

Note: A version of this post appeared on in June 2022. Imagine planning a party.   And not just any party. You identified the date, the location, and even the mind-blowing theme. You poured over the playlist, the food, and an impressive assortment of drink options. You even binge-researched the Silent Disco movement and bought […]

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Decisions at the pace of business

By Mark Stelzner / Jun 28, 2022

To describe the current state of the business world as “volatile” is a gross understatement. Between continued COVID uncertainty, the undulation of the stock market, whiplash from start/stop hiring, the ongoing impact of Russia’s attack of Ukraine, and the unimaginable loss of individual choice with the recent SCOTUS decision, it’s difficult to move in any direction with confidence. […]

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Failure is always an option

By Mark Stelzner / Apr 30, 2022

Note: A version of this post first appeared on in April 2022. Leaders facing transformation within their organizations are faced with a daunting task. Namely, how does one respond to a constant barrage of real-time demands WHILE maintaining the focus, capacity, and capability to fundamentally change the nature of work. Newton’s first law of […]

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