Mark is the Founder and Managing Principal of IA, applying over thirty years of experience in the implementation of internal and external HR transformational initiatives for public and private sector clientele worldwide. By offering unbiased and candid advice to C-level leaders in nearly all geographies and vertical market segments, Mark has brought billions of dollars’ worth of value to his clients and employers. He has spent his career fostering relationships through attention to detail, natural curiosity, and a self-deprecating sense of humor.

How to Build a Business Case for Your HR Transformation

By Mark Stelzner / Apr 3, 2018

Transformation. I spend almost every day helping organizations think about it. That word is weighty — it makes me think of a long, dramatic journey. A big change that builds over time. An impressive, memorable change. So it would stand to reason that HR transformations require a lot of work and strategy up front. Before […]

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6 Consumer Trends HR Can’t Ignore

By Mark Stelzner / Mar 13, 2018

There is a simple truth about why HR has gotten harder: Employees expect their experience at work to match what they’ve grown used to as consumers. Buy groceries from your smartphone and pick them up without ever walking down a produce aisle. Get personalized product recommendations based on your browsing history. Almost never deal with […]

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