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Considering a strategic HR initiative? We’ll support you every step of the way. Challenging, messy, and highly distributed companies are our specialty.


Building Your
Business Case

Our seasoned team of professionals brings deep domain experience and Fortune 1000-ready tools to help you capture the functional, operational, financial, technical, legal, regulatory, and strategic impacts of your transformational HR initiative.

We’ll deconstruct every facet of the HR value chain and then help you establish your roadmap by aligning to business objectives in a way that is consumable and approvable by your executives and board.

Our goal: Help you secure financial support, build stakeholder consensus, and commit with confidence.

We serve as your independent, unbiased advisors, helping you identify the best service providers to bring your vision to life. We help potential providers fully understand your opportunities for improvement while ensuring the best personality fit for your culture.

The promise: Defensible proposals based upon facts, not assumptions,  tailored to your needs. You’ll see more value, at a better price, with partners you can fully trust.


Finding Your Best
Fit Providers

Frustrated with the traditional RFP process? So were we. So we turned it on its head, creating a model that encourages deep collaboration and connection between our clients and their providers.


Activating Your

You’ve secured your business case and selected your preferred providers, and now the real work begins. How can you make sure your vision comes to life, without losing momentum or getting lost in the weeds of implementation?

When it’s go-time, we’ll keep the momentum rolling, supporting contract negotiations, change management, communications, governance, and project oversight, all as an extension of your internal project management office.

The result: An independent activation process that elevates your team to a place of self-sustaining success. You’ve got this.

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