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Activating Your Vision


As your activation partner, we’re an extension of your HR project management office. When it’s go-time, we’ll keep the momentum rolling, supporting change management, communications, contract negotiations, governance, relationship management, and program management.

This is where we bring it all to life.

We’re here to assist you in however you need support, coaching you as your develop your own strengths and transferring knowledge for self-sustainability. Redefining the role of the HR Business Partner? Standing up or refining Centers of Excellence? Deploying enterprise-wide HR technology? Our player-coaches bring decades of experience, proven tools, best practices, templates, and analytical approaches, all applied to the unique circumstances of your organization.

Our goal is to elevate your team while ultimately reducing your dependency on external consultants. (Yes, we realize this puts us out of a job!)

When it’s all done, you’ll be part of a community of satisfied IA clients, all of whom are more than happy to share their lessons learned, experiences, and successes.

Welcome to the family!

Finding Your Best
Fit Providers

Building Your
Business Case

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