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Building Your Business Case


IA’s methodology has been tested and refined in support of some of the most complex HR transformations in the world. We know how to build a business case unique to your voice, style, and organizational personality. We can substantiate the functional, operational, financial, technical, legal, and regulatory impacts of any HR transformational initiative and help you secure the resources you need to execute against your strategic vision.

Our expertise spans the entire lifecycle from hire to retire — from talent acquisition and talent management to payroll, core HR, and total rewards. We understand the nuances and working styles of your various populations. Each employee is unique.

Our experience includes all service delivery models: on-premise or in the cloud; insourced, outsourced, co-sourced or offshored; through COEs, HRBPs and/or self-service. We’ve seen it all. Every single business case we've ever written has been approved. We haven’t met an organization yet where we couldn’t substantiate the investment and pursuit of their strategic HR initiatives. Join our 100% approval club.

Your Vision

Finding Your Best
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