Contract Negotiations


Contract Negotiations

Whether you’re entering into a net-new relationship, transitioning from an existing provider, and/or contemplating renewal with an incumbent, IA complements internal stakeholders through our body of experience in supporting hundreds of complex negotiations. In conjunction with internal/external counsel and procurement, IA supplements the contractual process to ensure the providers conform to industry norms.

With an emphasis on key business considerations, best-value pricing, maximum flexibility, service level agreements, and strong governance, IA ensures that the final agreement is a sustainable, market-based representation supporting the legal and business value of the proposed solution(s).

Modernize HR at a Rapidly Growing Organization

The company was growing quickly, but its clunky HR processes, outdated technology and frozen organizational structure were causing missed opportunities. Leaders needed significant changes built on solid best practices to support the growth of the company.


Modernize HR at a Rapidly Growing Organization


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Candor and Transparency: Contract Renegotiation in a Time of Change

We all know that businesses do not exist in a vacuum. At any given time, circumstances can change, requiring an organization to rethink its costs and obligations. Your organization may be facing some difficult circumstances right now, and often leadership first looks internally for ways...

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