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Finding Your Best Fit Providers


We serve as your independent, unbiased advisors, helping you identify the best HR service providers to bring your vision to life. We help potential providers fully understand your opportunities for improvement while ensuring the best personality fit for your culture.

Lowest cost. Best fit.

The RFP is at best an imperfect engine for identifying and driving sustainable relationships between external service providers and the employers that they support.

Our approach is different. Our facilitated selection process helps you evaluate HR service providers in a deeply authentic and collaborative way. Since we do not derive — directly or indirectly — a penny of revenue from the HR service provider community, our only focus is your satisfaction with your selections and solutions.

We start by sharing what we’ve learned about you in our discovery process. By socializing these “artifacts” with potential service providers, we greatly increase their understanding of your organization’s needs and how well their solution can meet them. It’s not uncommon to have hundreds of artifacts, so the more the merrier. (You’ll win a special IA prize if you set an artifact record!)

In our world, assumptions are a four-letter word. To get to real facts, we facilitate day-long workshops between you and your potential providers before they submit their proposal. Our research shows that multiple touch points better support sustainable, long-term relationships.

With our facilitated selection process, you can test for fit and only proceed with those who meet your needs. You’ll benefit from a formal proposal that is bespoke to your needs, offering greater value, and with a team that matches your personality.

Chemistry really does matter.

Building Your
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