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oct newsletter

The Spirit We Should Embrace

In a desperate attempt to avoid the traditional Halloween-related content for this month’s newsletter, I researched what else October is known...

Strength in Vulnerability

It was day two of a global three-day workshop, and I was utterly and completely exhausted. The preparation work had been...

Back to school lessons for new employees

It was almost the first day of school, and my son had no belt.  This may seem like an insignificant detail,...

Group PTO and Reclaiming Your Space

Two years ago, we recognized the fact that no one on the team was very good at taking time off. Despite...
June Newsletter

Back to life, back to reality

This month, I had a business trip (on a real plane and everything) for the first time in 15 months. Before...
Quitting Process –Catalyst for Change

More Quitting

There’s an interesting tension in the work we do as advisors to our clients. Organizations seek us out because they are...