The Formula for Transformation


Experiments 60 min webinar

When approaching any kind of transformation, it's important for organizations to fully understand what's involved as they prepare to get started. To that end, IA offers free, public webinars on several transformation topics.

We call these "experiments" by design. It gives you the opportunity to sample different aspects of transformation, providing a framework and high-level explanation of each process.

Process Optimization: Avoiding transformation by starting the work NOW

 We intrinsically know that a good plan is vital to any transformation, yet too many organizations fall into the trap of waiting too long to act. Small irritants build, workarounds persist, time becomes our collective enemy, and suddenly we’re facing a massive HR transformational initiative. Lo and behold, an army of consultants arrive, cement themselves to your organization, and tell you to do the things you already knew you needed to do.

We will share our expertise on how to avoid that transformation (and those consultants who never leave) through smart planning and a bias towards incremental changes. Our goal is to teach you how to take control over  your processes once and for all.

Key takeaways:

  • The value of visualization through process mapping;
  • How to build a dynamic roadmap;
  • The foundational attributes of good governance; and
  • The power of starting small.

How to Find Your Best-Fit Providers  

The RFP is, at best, an imperfect engine for identifying and driving sustainable relationships between external service providers and employers. So how do you follow procurement standards while evaluating HR service providers in a deeply authentic and collaborative way? Having supported hundreds of selections across every HR domain, vertical market, and geography, team members from IA will present an alternative approach to the tired old RFP selection.

Through the facilitated selection process, you will learn how to test for fit while benefiting from a formal proposal that is bespoke to your needs. If you’re seeking greater value from a service provider who matches your personality and use cases, this is a session worthy of your time.

Key Takeaways:  

  • An overview of our facilitated selection methodology
  • A new model for provider engagement
  • Suggestions on how to keep compliance and procurement happy
  • Recommendations on how to use the RFP as a catalyst for broader transformation

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