The Formula for Transformation


Labs 4 hr workshop

Designed for organizations who are ready to get started, our Labs are 4-hour workshops facilitated by IA. These sessions present our proven methodology and give the participants hands-on experience in applying the techniques to take on transformation.

Each workshop will include a tool kit for organizations to apply to their internal needs.

Fixing the RFP: How to Find Your Best-Fit Providers

The RFP is, at best, an imperfect engine for identifying and driving sustainable relationships between external service providers and employers. So how do you follow procurement standards while evaluating HR service providers in a deeply authentic and collaborative way? Having supported hundreds of selections across multiple domains, vertical markets, and geographies, team members from IA will present an alternative approach to the tired old RFP selection.

This hands-on session will equip you to apply our methodology to find your best fit provider and set yourself up for success after go-live.


  • Define the steps in the facilitated selection methodology
  • Conduct a comprehensive current state assessment
  • Articulate requirements for ideal future state
  • Prepare a comprehensive RFP
  • Identify criteria to select a best fit provider
  • Negotiate contract terms to fit their organization’s needs

Business Process Optimization: There is a better way

Too often, organizations recognize the need to change, yet delay taking actions. Whether it's time, capacity, or just knowing what to do, organizations wait too long – small irritants build, workarounds persist, time becomes our collective enemy, and suddenly you're facing a massive transformational initiative.

During this workshop, IA will provide hands-on exercises to help you address issues before they get too big. We will help you build a bias towards continuous improvement over big bang fixes. Our goal is to teach you how to take control over your processes once and for all.


  • Recognize and define catalysts for change within organizations
  • Identify the common reasons large scale transformations fail
  • Apply methodology to adopt a continuous improvement mindset
  • Execute a current state assessment and ideal future state design
  • Establish an ongoing prioritization and governance framework

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