Office Hours

The Formula for Transformation


Office Hours mutually defined

Even the most dedicated teams need a little advice now and then. Office Hours are designed to give you access to our expert advisors when you need them.

You can use your hours to help you get started on a project, review materials, or simply act as a strategic thought partner when you're stuck.

Here is a sampling of some of the areas of targeted advice and guidance we can offer: 

Activation & Alignment For Your Transformation

Stakeholder Identification and Management

Process Optimization 

  • Identifying and prioritizing targeted processes and engaging subject matter experts
  • Our current state assessment methodology and how to apply it
  • Analyzing your learnings, identifying themes, and preparing a readout
  • Our future state design methodology and how to apply it

Continuous Improvement 

  • Creation and prioritization of a roadmap to achieve your ideal future state
  • Program set-up and governance and identifying business process owners

RFP/Provider Selection 

  • Identifying requirements & developing use cases
  • Narrowing the provider landscape and identifying your best fit providers
  • Developing and releasing your RFP
  • Evaluating providers through workshops and RFP responses
  • Pricing Normalization
  • Negotiation and Contracting

Change Management

Relationship Management

  • If you’re struggling with an existing provider relationship, or just need to renew and refresh an existing contract, we can provide targeted advice and support.

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