Here’s how we’ve been solving our clients’ big, messy problems at work.

Premier Retailer

Helping a leadership team get unstuck

  • 160,000 active associates, 90,000 retirees, and 90,000 seasonal hires
  • Leaders had a vision, but after several years bogged down in an HR tech implementation, they felt stuck. We listened to their challenges and helped them get back on track, clarify a strategy, and communicate their vision to their whole team.
  • IA provided an "incredibly agile and focused team" and had "immediate impacts on our progress."
  • $8B in revenue with employees across 7 countries
  • A large organization had dated HR technologies and processes after years of acquisitions. We dug into the current processes to find out what wasn’t working, clarified the business case for a major change, and helped select the right path forward.
  • "From the moment the engagement started we’ve been nothing but 110% satisfied. IA really exceeded our expectations."


Communicating a business case for a major HR tech upgrade

Specialized Defense/ Aerospace Manufacturer

Finding the best fit technology solutions

  • 13,000 employees with operations in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • An organization needed help selecting several new technologies, including a benefits administration platform and a human capital management system. We applied IA's facilitated selection process to identify the best fit providers for the company’s strategy.
  • "If given the opportunity, we never hesitate to bring up IA as a suggested company with which to partner for a project. You guys do great work!"
  • 16,000 employees across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Fundamentaly reshaped the entire HR function during a time of rapid growth.
  • "Not only is IA very thorough in their process, but there are no limitations to their services. The opportunities we were provided with IA far exceeded expectations."

Contract Services Provider

Transforming HR to improve efficiency at a family-owned company