Modernize HR at a Rapidly Growing Organization

Modernize HR at a Rapidly Growing Organization


The Organization:

A food safety services company with 16,000 employees in the U.S. and Canada.

The Challenge:

The company was growing quickly, but its clunky HR processes, outdated technology and frozen organizational structure were causing missed opportunities. Leaders needed significant changes built on solid best practices to support the growth of the company.

Our Approach:

IA reviewed all current HR processes and developed a process improvement cycle to modernize and automate outdated practices. IA led a selection process to find a best-fit technology provider and supported the implementation of the chosen cloud-based HCM system.

The Results:

The company’s technology stack is streamlined, HR processes are more efficient, there is less paper wasted and the organization has an improved hierarchical structure. The client says, "Not only is IA very thorough in their process, but there are no limitations to their services. The opportunities we were provided with IA far exceeded expectations."

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