Transform and Modernize HR for a Data-Driven Company

Transforming and Modernizing HR for a Data-Driven Company


The Organization:

A large financial services company with about 6,500 employees in the U.S. and India.

The Challenge:

The business was growing rapidly, but the HR technologies and processes had not kept up. Systems were outdated and didn’t speak to each other, so employees were maintaining significant manual work through databases, spreadsheets and paper documents. Reporting was in high demand, but analyzing key HR data required time-consuming manual work. HR leaders knew that to keep and attract talent, they needed a better HR experience.

Our Approach:

IA led a deep discovery process and found that many of the company’s inefficiencies started in the core HR data. With IA’s help, HR leaders articulated the key business case to overhaul all HR technology for a large-scale HR transformation.

The Results:

All key HR processes are now within one modern system, and leaders are able to deliver business-driving analytics and a much improved HR experience. The client says, “IA helped the teams think more holistically about our overall process to ensure a positive employee experience. I think IA’s involvement has been a strong factor in our success!”