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6 Consumer Trends HR Can’t Ignore

6 Consumer Trends HR Can’t Ignore

There is a simple truth about why HR has gotten harder: Employees expect their experience at work to match...
What HR Leaders Need to Know About Agile Thinking

What HR Leaders Need to Know About Agile Thinking

Have you heard? HR is going agile. I could have told you that. I’ve spent the past 15 years...

3 Big Changes in Talent Acquisition Software I Hope We See in 2018

If you could make one major change to your HR tech stack to improve your candidates’ lives, what would...
workforce analytics mistakes

How to Avoid ‘Fake News’ in Your Workforce Analytics

You’ve worked for days on a presentation for your company’s executives. They have asked for a few simple answers...

A Match Made in Heaven: Fostering Culture Fit with a Technology Provider

If you’re in the market for new HR technology this year — whether it’s an ATS, workforce analytics platform,...