Provider Philosophy

Our Provider Philosophy

Approaching the solution provider community in a unique way for your success. 


Every organization deserves an independent perspective. We believe clients thrive when they have an agnostic guide to help them navigate the technology provider ecosystem. Because IA derives no revenue from any solution provider (and we never will), we are uniquely positioned for this role and aim to foster long-term mutual collaboration and partnerships.

What We Believe

Collaboration is Key

We want our clients and the providers they partner with to succeed. This involves a lot more than a superficial dialogue during the sales process or a yearly check-in. By investing in the client relationship ongoing, the Provider’s sales and service teams can capitalize on their unique position within the organization for mutual long-term success.

Details Matter

Our forensic, use case-centric ethos not only cultivates our understanding of a client’s business, but also the way its people think about problems. This fosters trust, transparency, and collaboration. Providers who embrace this thinking with a new or existing client stand out in the crowded tech environment. Broad approaches often hinder an opportunity to grow the partnership.

Think Partner, Not Provider​

As self-proclaimed students of active listening, IA understands this practice brings to successful client/provider relationships. Providers who take the time to absorb problems their clients are trying to solve for and collaborate on a solution retain more business and create the space for innovative ideas to flourish. This may sometimes mean looking beyond the Provider's solution.


"As the anti-consulting advisory firm, we set you on a course towards self-sufficiency."

Founder & Managing Principal

Zero Conflicts of Interest

As an independent advisory firm, we derive zero revenue from any technology provider (and we never will).

From start to finish, our process is designed with you in mind.