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IA believes in helping businesses transform - no matter the circumstances.

Our goal is to provide meaningful support to anyone who needs it, no strings attached. We are offering our time for conversations, our tools and templates in areas where you may need it most, and links to external resources we think might help you through this time. We are committed to keeping this page updated with new offerings for as long as you need it.


Time is the number one resource we have to offer.

The IA Team is holding open office hours for anyone to sign up for a 30 minute block to talk...about anything. Whether you need free consulting, a sounding board, a pep talk or  a sympathetic ear, we are here for you.

This time is set aside for those looking for help - no sales pitches, please.

To schedule time, click on the name of the IA-er you'd like to talk to.

IA Templates and Toolkits

We recognize that many leaders are being asked to move quickly with imperfect guidelines and rapidly changing regulations. We want to get tools and resources into the hands of those who need them.

These resources are open for your use - no obligation.

External Resources

Several organizations and individuals have been working diligently to curate a list of helpful resources. As we are made aware of them, we will share them here.








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