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Was corporate diversity a failed experiment?

Once upon a time, Keirsten Greggs and I had a conversation about the ability of recruiters to help shape the makeup of a company’s workforce. I don’t recall the entire conversation, but I think the gist of it was that we both think diversity is important and that recruiters can...

Recruiting strategy is hard when you can’t do the basics

Talk to any talent acquisition leader and they will tell you that their goal is to get their team to a place where they are a strategic partner with the business. They want to assist with workforce planning, advise leadership as to what skills are missing from their team, and...

Does Agile HR really work?

The evolution of how we talk about work is fascinating. From the early days of agrarian life, the focus on manufacturing at the start of the Industrial Revolution, and the emergence of the corporate office and beyond, people have tried to find a framework that reflects both the work being...
shared sercices

Global Shared Services: Improving the employee experience to drive success

Increasing economic pressures and a desire for an elevated employee experience has organizations working to find ways to offer more services for less cost. Many organizations have increased their interest in deploying a Shared Services model, particularly for global organizations. The concept of a Shared Service model is not new,...

Providers: Think “partner” first

I love the work that I get to do within companies.   Part of the secret sauce that makes us the “anti-consulting consulting firm” and successful is the time we spend getting to know our clients – both as businesses and as people. Knowing there isn’t a one size fits all...

ChatGPT and the dark side of AI

Note: A version of this post appeared on in January 2023. There has been a lot written about the emergence of ChatGPT and the impact it will have on everything from college term papers to journalism. It’s a fascinating topic that simultaneously fills me with both amazement at the...

Reunited and it feels so good

I recently reunited with my IA family after a 2-year hiatus, and it feels amazing! You know how sometimes when you leave something or someone for a reason, it may only be for a season, and then you find yourself coming back together again? Well, that is what happened to...
ideal future state

Ideal future state: the art of the possible

Note: A version of this post appeared on in October 2022. The excitement from an HR transformation comes from the promise of something better. That makes sense. After all, the organization wouldn’t have chosen the transformation path if it hadn’t recognized the need to do things differently. Getting started...
jason_returnpost (1)

Reflections on the rebound

Recently, I was asked to provide some perspective on my return to full-time at IA, as more and more employees are returning – or thinking about returning – to organizations they had previously left. Where do I begin? See, I’m not a boomerang in the traditional sense because I was...

Transformation IS storytelling

Note: A version of this post first appeared on in September 2022. I remember the first time I saw the movie Inception. From the initial scene of a man washed up on a beach, I was hooked. The imagery, the music, the themes, the underlying question as to whether...

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