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PSA: HR Tech Won’t Solve Your Messy Processes

Congratulations! You have selected a shiny new system for payroll, or time tracking, or performance management. I can absolutely guarantee that your new HR tech will dramatically improve your life and the lives of everyone who touches it. Just kidding. Here’s the truth, which I see every day: new and...
Service in SaaS

We Need to Remember the ‘Service’ in SaaS

It’s hard — if not impossible — to find a large company that doesn’t use some form of software-as-a-service (SaaS). Even small and medium-sized businesses have gone to the cloud and adopted Saas: according to one report, 94 percent of companies have adopted SaaS. We often guide our clients to...
Unassigned Seating at Work A Passing Trend or Here to Stay

Unassigned Seating at Work: A Passing Trend or Here to Stay?

Hoteling. Unassigned seating. These may sound like terms you would find on a travel website, but they’re actually part of a new workplace vocabulary. You might also call your informal seating arrangement hot desking, free address or collective use. Unassigned seating means first-come, first-served. Anyone can sit anywhere they’d like....
HR paperless

Let’s Get Rid of the Paper, (HR) People!

“In God we trust; all others must document” might be the unofficial slogan of HR. We love documenting everything, in triplicate, and often on paper. And there’s good reason for that — HR is responsible for managing a company’s most sensitive and important information. From salaries to disciplinary actions, it’s...

Is Daily Pay the Right Choice for Your Organization?

The unemployment rate in the U.S. is near an all-time low. As a result, companies are fighting for talent. If an hourly retail worker is earning $10 an hour but can go to another company and make $10.50 an hour, that employee may well leave — quickly. In this labor...

How to Build a Business Case for Your HR Transformation

Transformation. I spend almost every day helping organizations think about it. That word is weighty — it makes me think of a long, dramatic journey. A big change that builds over time. An impressive, memorable change. So it would stand to reason that HR transformations require a lot of work...

Your Change-Management Plan Is Missing the First Step

If you’re working on a project that will radically change the status quo for a large group of people, you probably have a long list of to-dos. You assemble a formal change-management plan that includes steps like: Assess the need for change. Analyze the impact the change will make. Engage...
6 Consumer Trends HR Can’t Ignore

6 Consumer Trends HR Can’t Ignore

There is a simple truth about why HR has gotten harder: Employees expect their experience at work to match what they’ve grown used to as consumers. Buy groceries from your smartphone and pick them up without ever walking down a produce aisle. Get personalized product recommendations based on your browsing...

3 Big Changes in Talent Acquisition Software I Hope We See in 2018

If you could make one major change to your HR tech stack to improve your candidates’ lives, what would it be? Are candidates annoyed that they can’t apply for a job from their phones? Do they get lost in the shuffle of your databases? Does the recruiting process just take...
workforce analytics mistakes

How to Avoid ‘Fake News’ in Your Workforce Analytics

You’ve worked for days on a presentation for your company’s executives. They have asked for a few simple answers about the company’s people. You crunch the numbers, double-check your math, and present your findings in a PowerPoint presentation. Everything goes perfectly — with one major exception: Finance delivered a report...

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