Janine Comito, Principal

Janine Comito



After enrolling in nursing school and finding out the staff had gone on strike, Janine found herself “temporarily” answering phones for a benefits outsourcer. Over 16 years later she’s chosen to stay in the HR industry with experience in a variety of roles. She likes asking “why,” solving problems, and seeing the impact of change.

As a principal with IA, Janine brings more than fifteen years of experience in HR transformation, product management, client management, HR operations and service delivery for multi-national entities.

Prior to IA, Janine led multiple programs for the 40,000+ employees of Fidelity Investments worldwide. Janine focuses on bridging the communications gap between business, HR, technology and shared services to resolve inefficiencies and improve HR service delivery.

By continually analyzing business processes and requirements, Janine streamlines and enhances the user experience while managing ongoing production changes. With a strong business analysis background, Janine has a unique understanding of highly complex HR challenges and the best solutions to achieve optimal results.

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You might not know:

She’s an excellent party planner who is famous for baking up a batch of her pumpkin whoopie pies.

Prior Experience:

  • Fidelity Investments/Veritude
  • CIGNA/Choicelinx


  • BS, Abilene Christian University


Finding the positive in every situation.

Location: Londonderry, NH


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