Jonathan Thompson, Senior Advisor (Intern)

Jonathan Thompson

Senior Advisor (Intern)


Jonathan Thompson has over 15 years of leadership experience, including six years in recruitment and onboarding new soldiers.  He has an extensive background in performance management, talent development, coaching, and mentoring. Jonathan is a meticulous problem solver and critical thinker focused on innovative change solutions.

As the newest member of the IA team, Jonathan is an intern under the United States Army Career Skills Program (CSP). As part of the CSP, he is still an active-duty Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army. This unique opportunity to spend the final days of his career learning and transitioning to civilian life with IA has been a blessing. Culminating a 20-year career of military service, he is excited to continue his passion of helping others and developing constructive and creative solutions to transform HR.

Jonathan was drawn to the HR world when he had an off-chance meeting with several IA Managing Principals in 2019. Through many exploratory conversations he realized his passion for visualizing and communicating people centric solutions. Fueling his drive for knowledge and excellence, he is currently pursuing and nearing completion of a graduate program in human resource management.

You might not know:

Jonathan has visited as many different countries as he has states in the U.S.

Prior Experience:

  • United States Army


  • B.S. in Multi-Discipline Psychology and Strategic Leadership, Troy University
  • M.S. in Human Resource Management, Troy University (May 2023)


The ability to learn new racetracks and racing lines quickly, a skill that similarly allows him to understand and empathize with others during periods of uncertainty and change.

Location: Orlando, FL


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