Amie Deak, Senior Advisor

Amie Deak

Senior Advisor


Amie Deak is a senior advisor at IA who came to HR and business transformation after 20 years in healthcare. She is a licensed clinical social worker and has a master’s degree in health administration. She has been a liaison between major healthcare organizations and the communities they serve, planned long-term strategic initiatives, and led large multidisciplinary teams.

When the country shut down from COVID in 2020, Amie took a hiatus from IA to start a home care business in Central Florida allowing her to serve her "home" community during the pandemic. She has since come back to IA with a first-hand understanding about how to run and grow a business from the ground up. Amie has worn every hat - running payroll, hiring and retaining employees, onboarding and orientation, and optimizing technology and processes.

Amie has an extensive background in communication and relationship building, conflict resolution, and empowering people with the information necessary to make difficult decisions. This, coupled with her experience in working within a franchised system, puts her in a unique situation to help businesses transform.

Amie is a change agent; her expertise in human behavior and her ability to engage and motivate people have led to her ability to inspire teams to achieve shared goals.

You might not know:

Amie's daughters know ALL the words to Goodbye Earl.

Prior Experience:

  • FirstLight Home Care of Lake, Sumter, & Marion
  • Orlando Health
  • The Villages Health System


  • B.A. in Psychology, Michigan State University
  • M.S.W. in Clinical Social Work, Michigan State University
  • M.H.A. University of Cincinnati


Helping people activate their hidden strengths.

Location: Summerfield, FL


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