Mary is a Principal for IA with more than twenty years’ experience in human resources and organizational development and has worked closely with leaders in all areas of the business, including finance, operations, IT, marketing, customer service, and others. Recognized for her philosophy of “building” rather than merely “maintaining," Mary’s journey is marked by her innate drive to solve problems and revamp the ordinary, an attribute that naturally positioned her at the helm of transformation efforts within organizations. Since joining IA, Mary lent her expertise to some of our most complex clients, helping senior leadership navigate the challenges of global transformation.

How I Got Here: My HR Story

By Mary Faulkner / Jan 23, 2019

It seems to me that no one ever really plans on going into Human Resources. It just sort of…happens. I ended up in HR because I hated accounting. I was three semesters into an MBA program and was already questioning if the degree was focused on what I wanted to be doing. While I appreciated […]

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