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Call it a comeback – facing change with self-awarenes

When Tiger Woods crashed his SUV in February 2021, it appeared that his golfing days were done. Despite having won the...

At the intersection of people, process…and purpose.

Before the modernization of society, we had to wait weeks, if not months, for letters from family or news from afar....

Your job is not your soulmate – and that’s okay

We’ve been conditioned to believe that you must “love” your job to be successful. Workers are inundated with quotes about how if...

Grit and Growth

[Editor's Note: For this month’s newsletter, we thought it was important to hear from someone (anyone!!) other than Mark. I mean… he’s “fine” and...
nov newsletter

Family drama and the nature of gratitude

[Editor's Note: Mark is taking some much needed time off, so this month’s newsletter features guest writer, Mary Faulkner.] Ah, Thanksgiving in...
oct newsletter

The Spirit We Should Embrace

In a desperate attempt to avoid the traditional Halloween-related content for this month’s newsletter, I researched what else October is known...